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Fairy Meadows & Nanga Parbat Track from RaiKot Bridge Chilas Gilgit Road


Fairy Meadows is beautiful valley present at 3300 Feet and almost 540 KM from Islamabad. The Two hours Jeep track from Raikot bridge to Tattu village, further lead to four hours Trekking to reach fairy meadows. The Tattu (tatu) Village is small village, where you can find few tuck shops, horses and porter facility to lead you to Fairy Meadows.

Once after hectic trekking you reach on the plain piece of land at fairy meadows, it becomes quiet soothing. After you reach fairy Meadows you can find few camping facilities and Wood Huts for night stay. Due to porting and carriage freight the commodities are little expensive but once you are at the top you should be prepared for the hike of prices as well….

You can have pleasant view of Nanga Parbat from fairy meadows. But to explore more you cat trek to Nanage Parbat base camp, view point and beyal camp. It need quiet professional Trekking attitude to trek on the same day to base camp, but normally its not possible to reach Nanga parbat on the same day. To reach Beyal camp it needs 1.5 hourse trekking which futher lead to 2 hours trekking upto to View point Trekking. Furhter one to two hours trekking is required to reach Base camp 1 and 2.

Discover Beautiful Pakistan General

Chilas to Hunza Road & Weather

Chilas falls under the Gilgit-Baltistan. The weather is hot and dry in the summer season and cold in other seasons. Chilas is at present on Karakurram highway and is accessible also by Kaghan valley passing through road Babusar Pass. It is located at Northern End of Babusar Top, and it further connects to Hunza – Gilgit Road.

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The mighty river Indus passes through the Chilas valley. If Plan of Diamar Bhasha Dam works out , then it vanished in dam water due to water reservoir level.

For many years, the villagers of Chilas have prevented the government from building a larger airport with a longer runway on their relatively flat land (which would make it so much easier for tourists going to Gilgit and Hunza), for fear of an influx of outsiders to their area. The tiny airport at Chilas is currently closed for domestic flights and the town can only be reached through the KKH and also from the Kaghan valley passing over the Babusar Pass.

Chilas is a beautiful valley with different on road Dry fruit, grocery and resturant shops. The people are although not more friendly and welcoming but you can still have few staying spots available as a tourist or a passenger.

Discover Beautiful Pakistan

Naran weather and pics

Naran kaghan weather and pics

Naran is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction which is located in district of kpk province of Pakistan. It is located 119 kilometres from Mansehra city at the altitude of 7888 meter. It is located 70 kilometres from babusar top. The weather is extremely cold it’s very hard to travel in winter to Naran. Naran is part of Kaghan valley which is 85 kilometres from Balakot it is present on the bank of the kanhar river.

The most fascinating tourist attraction is saiful muluk jheel lake. The people can go to Saif ul malook lake by off road jeeps. Saif ul malook lake is almost free kilometres away from Naran. The mesmerizing view of lake attract tourist from far end of country and foreigners. Kanhar river can be seen from all the way from Balakot to Naran. Which makes journey memorable and fascinating.

You can also find different type of hotels with different rent options.

Discover Beautiful Pakistan

Murree weather and Pics

Murree Tourist Attraction

Murree is the most charming and attractive tourist point for the local and foreign nature lovers. It is located in that region of Rawalpindi district and Punjab province of Pakistan. It is almost 45 km away from capital city Islamabad of Pakistan. Place is popular for its magical weather, high altitude plateau, Mall Road and chair lift. Number of hotels having 3 star, 4 star and 5 star services offer economical and luxury both options for tourists.

Murree hotels provide dine in facility with pick and drop services to the visitors. The tourist spots of Murree remain full for the whole the year, due to nearest weather friendly mountain site from capital city Islamabad.

Traffic updates at number 051 9269 200 can be obtained to get update for traffic. The Galiyaat, Ayubia, Kashmir, Abbotabad, Kaghan, Naran, Gilgit Baltistan and many other tourist attractions are present on up to China-Pakistan border.

Murree is best toursit attraction Ayubia Chairlift
Chair Lift of Ayubia and Patriata a Tourist Attraction

Discover Beautiful Pakistan General

Beautiful Pakistan

Lets Watch Beauty of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. The country has everything which an ideal land could have, You can find Sand deserts, mountains, plains and wonders in this piece of land.

The northern areas of the country which start from Himalayas to karakarams fall in one of the highest plateaus in the world. We have collection of few beautiful places/districts which are visited in all seasons by local and foreign tourists. The hottest destinations for tourists are MURREE, NARAN, SAWAT Mingoara, Ayubia and many more. Although in the last few decades due to instability in Afghanistan the local tourism industry has got little set backs, but the recent new government of first time elected prime Minister Imran Khan has taken many initiatives to promote the local tourism industry. Hope the following links and videos will provide you some interesting facts about this Paradise land on earth. CLICK ON LINKS TO WATCH IN DETAIL




beauty of Pakistan Kaghaan Naraan road view
Road Way to Naran Kaghaan


darya Sawaat Mingoara is favotite toursit
Darya Sawaat
Study Consultancy

Foreign Study and Abroad Education Advise

Studying Abroad is a Global DREAM…

education play VITAL role in OUR lives. sometimes foreign country education and experience provide us more strong footings in our career. Our diversified experience of foreign education can give better knowledge, updated skills and more diversified exposure.
most lucky and daring students out of many aspirants get opportunity of foreign education. but to anyone who is interested to study abroad has to collect all necessary information before planning or preparing for studying abroad .

Be Well Informed

Gather all important information regarding Education Tenure, Rules, Visa requirements, FEE and other important aspects of countries where your possible study can continue .

What can you do? You may ask your friends who studied abroad to help you here: they have the experience, and they may advise you something. One more variant is to ask special education consultants:  you have to note all questions which come to your mind, and then acquire information for the best educational system in general. We bet you know them already (the USA, Germany, Australia and the UK would be your perfect choice anyway.
But if you want to look beyond the traditional choices and go with countries like Canada or Ireland or New Zealand where the post-study work options are quite good and plenty, then you might be taking a right decision.

What specific Degree you are Choosing???

After deciding where and what you want study,  you have to choose reputable university which will be able to provide better resources and facilities. We do agree that it won’t be a cake walk to enter such an institution. You need a good education, don’t you? Get ready to struggle for it then.

Arrangement of Expected expenses of study and Living

You have to think logically that can you afford all years abroad fee. Do you have enough money to support yourself in a foreign country? Do you have a sponsor who could help you with all your expenses?
As you know, many universities give international students a chance to apply for scholarships and bursaries. Your chances of getting a scholarship will depend on several factors: your skills and educational level and, quite importantly, how early you can apply for a scholarship.
Where will you live abroad? Will you rent an apartment? Does your university/college have on-campus accommodation facilities?
If you live on-campus, you’ll have a chance to communicate with other students, spend more time on studies and get used to your surrounding faster. You might feel more comfortable in other foreign students when you start interacting with them.

Selection of Education according to your Aptitude

Many students try to copy the choices of other successful students or professionals for adapting the field of study. The key important point in success is the selection of education in which your interest lies. The students have to see the field of education interests in which they have more liking, attitude, skill and background. The Wrong choice of subjects or study program can waste their precious time later. So its very important to go for the realistic and logical choice of study program or degree. The pre research in this matter is very important but once you start your program try to complete it instead of changing or jumping to any new discipline or degree program.

These are few important points which should be considered while starting any foreign study or degree program, the well in time planning and selection of degree study program and specialty of country is also very important.


Articles on Different Topics

Articles مختلف موضوعات پر تحريريں

Reading is one of the most important source to enrich our thoughts and information. The small writings on different topics and problems, provide opportunity to get up-to-date knowledge on different issues. The link Articles provide some general topics writings on general issues. Please read and share your important feed back and ideas to build a better community by developing healthy habit of reading. Thank you

Exploring Beautiful World

Explore World

We have been blessed with a beautiful WORLD

Let’s not miss opportunity to explore this Beautiful world around us… This WORLD  is so lovely, everyone of us should not miss the chance of not watching this beautiful Earth.

The beautiful earth is full of bustling landscapes, green meadows, high plateaus, dusty deserts, flowing rivers, massive glaciers, cultivated fields, tremendous water falls, wild safaris, sparkling shores and much more. The all beauty must be seen and kept alive in our eyes. What could be more beautiful and pure then nature.

This world is so vast that no one can claim to watched its all beauty, but let’s have a glimpse of some possible caught scenes. please click link

Beautiful Pakistan  





Articles on Different Topics

Time Management

Time management is way with which we plan to organise our time to finish our tasks and activities. Good time management enables us to work more effectively. Sometimes it seems that over workload is more and time is very short to finish the tasks, but with managing time we can complete maximum jobs in unit time.

Understanding time management

The term time management can be explained as planning to solve different issues and problems in a specific time. Time management can also be I called using of time maximum benefits or as

Most output in less time

Reducing the pressure

Taking maximum from the time

Creating more opportunities

Pre planning for the upcoming tasks

Avoiding losses due to less time

How to take out maximum from time

By properly using time we can get maximum output and more tasks finished in less time. For good time management we have to take care of following things

Well in time planning

Noting down important works

Using reminders and calendars

Assigning duties to relevant people

Regular feedbacks

Proactive approach

These are few points which can be much important to manage our time more smartly.

Articles on Different Topics

How to Solve Problems

Most of us often think that we are the only one who are facing the bunch of problems for without any reason. Interesting thing is this that there is no human on earth who is not going or have gone through the hard times. But it is also the eye opening reality that our resilience and answering the problems create the difference. But there are few things which can help us to solve the problems:

We are Responsible somewhere

Even more interesting is this that everyone has some share in evolving different type of issues in his or her life. So with justice we have to admit first that we are the biggest reason for this problem on others on North responsible for our all problems.

We have solution of every problem

But we all have the best solutions which we could have, because everyone one can understand his or her weaknesses and strengths far more better from anyone else. Show the most important thing is believing in ourselves, making some peace in our minds, decide with justice and move with wit.

So it’s funny to listen that if one is facing some problem naturally he also have the best solution to get out from that, here we cannot refer problems of technical nature which definitely needs some technical assistance of experts.

Create peace with the problem first

We can never come out from any problem if we remain obsessed. All we have to do is to first make peace, stay calm or gain little time. it take little time to come out of sentiments. So naturally when we focus on the problem and think about possible options and solutions we will not be able to solve the big problems at once. But which solving you little problems you definitely get little close to cut short the big problems, and believe me the small problems will eventually lead to solve your big problems. So Showing patience is the most important work we can start to come out from the problem.