I am thankful for your time, this blog is source of communication to share little knowledge I may have as student. I am person with having belief that in Today era of information, we all should take responsibility to share any positive knowledge through all these Tech gadgets with which we can help people less or More.

Pleasingly in passed few years, been able to help hundreds of people in skill, education, startups and new businesses. Along with it with our little legal aid or counseling many new comers are today able to earn respectful livelihood for their families. My diversified experience in fields of education, law, management, and information technology enables me and my team to understand and guide individuals / corporates to face multi side challenges and emerging requirements. Our cyber assistance, free online legal aid, counseling and digital tips enable people working in different walks of life to work effectively with safety and satisfaction.

Educational Qualifications :

DIT, BCS, LLB, with MBA in Human Resource Management.

Present Working Status

CEO at www.ilmEasy.com

CEO at Smart Associates

CEO – at Bright Eaglets Group of Colleges www.brighteaglets.edu.pk

CEO- Blog www.asifshersial.com

Advocate High Court

Life Time Member of Lahore High Court Bar Association

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I am strong believer of human creation by some unchallenged-able power which can neither be some MAN made thing at ALL. Well further how the so sophisticated machine i.e HUMAN BEING cant have some Operation Manual. The Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) Last Prophet is undoubtedly the ultimate MENTOR for all Mankind. Please email for any assistance at Asifshersial@gmail.com