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MBBS – MD in Kyrgyzstan

WORLD has become Global Village, the distances have shrink. The opportunities are growing with increasing options in every field. Today Every common person has more knowledge about any topic he is interested in. Why our students should now compromise on little knowledge or lesser information, or why should not they join the fields of study they like. Now aptitude study is quiet easy by having more options. The majority in Pakistan like to get quality medical education but due to limited seats in Pakistan, this desire may turn to incomplete dream.

The advancement in technology has finished the distances by virtual platforms and first hand information. Today a man in Europe doing boating is accessible in Asia at any time without any delay. Family members are at no distance, air tickets can be booked from mobiles, the video calls are free of cost, with all these things concept of distance has completely changed. The Multi culture studies is more easy and useful today for student of every subject.

In last Few years the new central Asian states have been revealed to be ideal destination for medical students of Asia. The strength of students have reached to several thousands in last few years. What made it heaven for the students is as under:



More FOOD options (hallal)


Good Results

Less living Cost

The Students have multiple options of different government and private universities. I have been provided opportunity to visit Bishkek, a small clean capital of Kyrgyzstan which provide easy approach to all distinctive institutes at Bishkek. Our institution has sent several students at Bishkek and almost majority of them are smoothly completing their Mbbs- Md Degrees.

Well their is still more for general tourism and student information which we will update you regularly .

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Business ideas for 2021

Few new ideas for owning businesses in 2020. With emerging technologies and electronic commerce we have number of new businesses which can be put in work more effectively today. The lesser cost and more wide variety access with consumers provide speedy growth to do businesses. Although expansion of already running local businesses is also possible but along with that starting any new business is quite more easy today.

In this era of technology we have number of new options for starting a business or virtual platforms for services. Let’s have a look on few new possible business options for 2020.

Online Store website

You are already in some business or not but you can start your own business without any hesitation with the help of website or online store. There are number of CMS content management systems which enable you to start your website just in few clicks and become a partner in online trading of billions industry.

You can start your business with very basic little knowledge the only thing you need is interest and confidence. Maybe some good idea is just few days or weeks away from now

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Affiliate marketing

You can start earning profit by just referring for marketing any product of your interest. Means they are number of companies, online merchandiser, retailers and services provider is which provide you with handsome profits on on references from your side.

You can work online and bye marketing different products you can earn good share.

Providing products to online stores

Once you decide to work, E-Commerce world assures you nonstop unlimited an uninterrupted business. You can contact several service stores working online to provide them your product all specific profit ratio in percentage. You can enhance your sale times more without any cost by contacting the suppliers.

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Nanga Parbat Base Camp

Diamir (Nanga Parbat) is one of the Highest peeks in the world. The height of 8,126 metres (26,660 ft) above sea level make it ninth (9th) highest mountain in the world. Mountain falls in region Gilgit Baltistan. Nanga Parbat is the western anchor of the Himalaya. The name Nanga Parbat actual meaning is “Naked Mountain”. The mountain local name Diamer meaning is “huge mountain”. Following link of video contain few Trekking glimpses of Nanga Parbat from Fairy meadows.

To reach the deeply tempted Nanga Parbat you need to Reach Fairy meadows by a difficult jeep track from Raikot (Diamir District). As you reach Fairy meadows it take further few hours of Trekking to reach the Bayall camp, View point and base camps. The first hour trek will lead you to Bayaal village, and from there further few hours of fascinating walk will lead you to View Point and Base camp-1, further base camp-II can be reached in easy weather conditions only. The graves of foreigner climbers can be seen here, one of the reason Nanga Parbat is also called “Killer Mountain”.

ننگا پربت پہاڑ کا تعارف

چلاس جو کہ گلگت جاتے ہوئے انڈس دریا کے کنارے واقع ایک وادی ہے۔

رائے کوٹ پل چلاس سے گلگت جاتے ہوئے 58 کلومیٹر دور ہے ، ننگا پربت پہاڑ دیامر ضلع میں واقع ہے ۔ جبکہ موسم گرما میں زیادہ تر بابو سر ٹاپ سے رائے کوٹ بھی پہنچا جاتاہے ۔

رائے کوٹ پل سے تاتو گائوں تک بذریعہ خطرناک جیپ ٹریک تقریباً دو گھنٹے کا وقت لگتا ہے‘ ٹاٹو گائوں‘ یہ چھوٹا سا گائوں ہے جو سلفر کے گرم چشمے کی وجہ سے ٹاٹو یا تاتو (گرم) کہلاتا ہے‘ مقامی لوگوں کا دعویٰ ہے گائوں میں ایک ایسا گرم چشمہ ہے جس کے پانی میں شفا ہے۔ ‘ طوفانی نالہ تاتو پہنچ کر گائوں کے لیول پر آ جاتا ہے یا پھر گائوں چڑھائی چڑھ کر نالے کے لیول پر آباد ہے۔

تمام ننگا پربت یا فیری میڈو جانے والوں کو تین سے چار گھنٹے کافاصلہ پیدل طے کر کے فیری میڈوز پہنچنا ہوتا ہے ۔ جبکہ ننگا پربت بیس کیمپ تک پہنچنے کیلئے مزید کئی گھنٹے درکار ہوتے ہیں۔

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Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek Travel Guide

Kyrgyzstan is one of the six central Asian states. It got independence in 1991 after long movement of freedom. It is also called Switzerland of central Asia. The country has Approximate population of 6.5 million.

Click Link to Play Video with few Facts

There are several mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan. The country is divided into northern and southern regions. The northern (and cooler) region consists of Chui, Issyk-Kul, Talas, and Naryn oblasts. While the southern (and warmer) region contains Jalalabad, Osh. and Batken. The southern half of Kyrgyzstan is consist of valleys which are fertile and agricultural region.

Bishkek is a Capital of Kyrgyzstan. The city is full of statues and monuments. The Mountain chain can be seen from the main Bishkek city. The Climate of the Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan varies for both two regions. In summer temperature may reach up to 35 degree Centigrade.

Bishkek has Manas Airport but you can find airport at Osh with some more flight options and airlines. There is also bus service from China Kashgar to Osh Kyrgyzstan. The tourism industry is been in process of development, however you can find students doing specially MBBS from some surrounding countries including India and Pakistan.

The languages of Kyrgyzstan are Russian and Kyrgyz. Few other more popular langauges are Turkic language related to Uzbek, Kazakh, and, of course, Turkish.

Kyrgyz is more common in rural areas whereas Russian is the urban language of choice, and it’s not uncommon to meet ethnic Kyrgyz people in Bishkek who cannot speak Kyrgyz. English, while becoming more popular, is still rarely spoken in the cities.

Please click video link for some more interesting facts regarding Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan.

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