General Study Consultancy

MBBS – MD in Kyrgyzstan

WORLD has become Global Village, the distances have shrink. The opportunities are growing with increasing options in every field. Today Every common person has more knowledge about any topic he is interested in. Why our students should now compromise on little knowledge or lesser information, or why should not they join the fields of study they like. Now aptitude study is quiet easy by having more options. The majority in Pakistan like to get quality medical education but due to limited seats in Pakistan, this desire may turn to incomplete dream.

The advancement in technology has finished the distances by virtual platforms and first hand information. Today a man in Europe doing boating is accessible in Asia at any time without any delay. Family members are at no distance, air tickets can be booked from mobiles, the video calls are free of cost, with all these things concept of distance has completely changed. The Multi culture studies is more easy and useful today for student of every subject.

In last Few years the new central Asian states have been revealed to be ideal destination for medical students of Asia. The strength of students have reached to several thousands in last few years. What made it heaven for the students is as under:



More FOOD options (hallal)


Good Results

Less living Cost

The Students have multiple options of different government and private universities. I have been provided opportunity to visit Bishkek, a small clean capital of Kyrgyzstan which provide easy approach to all distinctive institutes at Bishkek. Our institution has sent several students at Bishkek and almost majority of them are smoothly completing their Mbbs- Md Degrees.

Well their is still more for general tourism and student information which we will update you regularly .

Study Consultancy

Foreign Study and Abroad Education Advise

Studying Abroad is a Global DREAM…

education play VITAL role in OUR lives. sometimes foreign country education and experience provide us more strong footings in our career. Our diversified experience of foreign education can give better knowledge, updated skills and more diversified exposure.
most lucky and daring students out of many aspirants get opportunity of foreign education. but to anyone who is interested to study abroad has to collect all necessary information before planning or preparing for studying abroad .

Be Well Informed

Gather all important information regarding Education Tenure, Rules, Visa requirements, FEE and other important aspects of countries where your possible study can continue .

What can you do? You may ask your friends who studied abroad to help you here: they have the experience, and they may advise you something. One more variant is to ask special education consultants:  you have to note all questions which come to your mind, and then acquire information for the best educational system in general. We bet you know them already (the USA, Germany, Australia and the UK would be your perfect choice anyway.
But if you want to look beyond the traditional choices and go with countries like Canada or Ireland or New Zealand where the post-study work options are quite good and plenty, then you might be taking a right decision.

What specific Degree you are Choosing???

After deciding where and what you want study,  you have to choose reputable university which will be able to provide better resources and facilities. We do agree that it won’t be a cake walk to enter such an institution. You need a good education, don’t you? Get ready to struggle for it then.

Arrangement of Expected expenses of study and Living

You have to think logically that can you afford all years abroad fee. Do you have enough money to support yourself in a foreign country? Do you have a sponsor who could help you with all your expenses?
As you know, many universities give international students a chance to apply for scholarships and bursaries. Your chances of getting a scholarship will depend on several factors: your skills and educational level and, quite importantly, how early you can apply for a scholarship.
Where will you live abroad? Will you rent an apartment? Does your university/college have on-campus accommodation facilities?
If you live on-campus, you’ll have a chance to communicate with other students, spend more time on studies and get used to your surrounding faster. You might feel more comfortable in other foreign students when you start interacting with them.

Selection of Education according to your Aptitude

Many students try to copy the choices of other successful students or professionals for adapting the field of study. The key important point in success is the selection of education in which your interest lies. The students have to see the field of education interests in which they have more liking, attitude, skill and background. The Wrong choice of subjects or study program can waste their precious time later. So its very important to go for the realistic and logical choice of study program or degree. The pre research in this matter is very important but once you start your program try to complete it instead of changing or jumping to any new discipline or degree program.

These are few important points which should be considered while starting any foreign study or degree program, the well in time planning and selection of degree study program and specialty of country is also very important.