What is Blog? What blog can do? How to start your own Blog?

These are few questions which come later or sooner as we start using online knowledge. So blog is basically your page where you are free to write and share any information with your webpage visitors. The web page could be on any topic, that can provide any knowledge to reader who is any in search of it. Lets see in brief what blog can do.

What Blog can do?

blog not only do something for you but lot for other people as well. Its basically a point of knowledge sharing. Your own Blog which becomes your voice, your speaker, your assistant or may become your story some day. it all begins with an idea, which later transform to institution. So any little knowledge which you share on your blog can be question of many visitors. In any case your blog can help little or thousands of people in years or may be decades to come. So floating your voice on your blog, could become quiet big story later or sooner, which can assist many others around us.

How to start Blog

You surely knew it, that your the only human of your own type. So starting a blog is like defining your own self on your web page. May be it seem very easy work for some people or may be it looks difficult for beginners to where or how to start a blog. Many questions will arise after your start thinking to start your blog. But very common questions would be as follow:

  1. Getting little knowledge about starting blog and best topic of your interest and experience.
  2. Getting basic knowledge about some CMS options like wordpress, jamoola, wix etc.
  3. Getting some name for your blog (finding registrants for your domain like godaddy, hostgator, siteground, bluehost or many others)
  4. Getting some basic knowledge for booking your order, configuring your domain, website (blog) etc.
  5. Few days to decorate your blog (web page), adding some content material of people interest.
  6. Buuuuzzzzz… launching, sharing or presenting your blog.
  7. Regularly giving time and uploading new data on your blog.

Patience is essential for Blog

Remaining realistic and optimistic is very important before starting any work and specially blog. So you have to prepare yourself for giving plenty of time not only to upload data but to keep going with regular fresh data on your blog. Success will be yours….



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