Lets Watch Beauty of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. The country has everything which an ideal land could have, You can find Sand deserts, mountains, plains and wonders in this piece of land.

The northern areas of the country which start from Himalayas to karakarams fall in one of the highest plateaus in the world. We have collection of few beautiful places/districts which are visited in all seasons by local and foreign tourists. The hottest destinations for tourists are MURREE, NARAN, SAWAT Mingoara, Ayubia and many more. Although in the last few decades due to instability in Afghanistan the local tourism industry has got little set backs, but the recent new government of first time elected prime Minister Imran Khan has taken many initiatives to promote the local tourism industry. Hope the following links and videos will provide you some interesting facts about this Paradise land on earth. CLICK ON LINKS TO WATCH IN DETAIL




beauty of Pakistan Kaghaan Naraan road view

Road Way to Naran Kaghaan


darya Sawaat Mingoara is favotite toursit

Darya Sawaat


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