Naran kaghan weather and pics

Naran is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction which is located in district of kpk province of Pakistan. It is located 119 kilometres from Mansehra city at the altitude of 7888 meter. It is located 70 kilometres from babusar top. The weather is extremely cold it’s very hard to travel in winter to Naran. Naran is part of Kaghan valley which is 85 kilometres from Balakot it is present on the bank of the kanhar river.

The most fascinating tourist attraction is saiful muluk jheel lake. The people can go to Saif ul malook lake by off road jeeps. Saif ul malook lake is almost free kilometres away from Naran. The mesmerizing view of lake attract tourist from far end of country and foreigners. Kanhar river can be seen from all the way from Balakot to Naran. Which makes journey memorable and fascinating.

You can also find different type of hotels with different rent options.


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