Chilas falls under the Gilgit-Baltistan. The weather is hot and dry in the summer season and cold in other seasons. Chilas is at present on Karakurram highway and is accessible also by Kaghan valley passing through road Babusar Pass. It is located at Northern End of Babusar Top, and it further connects to Hunza – Gilgit Road.

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The mighty river Indus passes through the Chilas valley. If Plan of Diamar Bhasha Dam works out , then it vanished in dam water due to water reservoir level.

For many years, the villagers of Chilas have prevented the government from building a larger airport with a longer runway on their relatively flat land (which would make it so much easier for tourists going to Gilgit and Hunza), for fear of an influx of outsiders to their area. The tiny airport at Chilas is currently closed for domestic flights and the town can only be reached through the KKH and also from the Kaghan valley passing over the Babusar Pass.

Chilas is a beautiful valley with different on road Dry fruit, grocery and resturant shops. The people are although not more friendly and welcoming but you can still have few staying spots available as a tourist or a passenger.


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